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South Patrick Residents Association (SPRA) is a 501 (c) (4) nonprofit that represents residents in South Patrick Shores. SPRA was first incorporated in 1965 and has been actively involved in community service for over 50 years.
SPRA serves households located within County Commission District 4 in unincorporated Brevard County and works closely with county elected officials, state elected officials, and government agencies, in order to further the best interests of our community. Our all-volunteer association continues to be a powerful and influential voice representing our area’s interests in local government affairs, as well as helping to make needed improvements in our community. We also communicate directly with the homeowner associations located within South Patrick Shores to ensure that there is a solid working relationship and a united voice on issues that impact the entire area.
In addition, a strong membership helps support our united effort to enhance the SPRA area and to further assure that our voices are heard and that we maintain a quality location in which to live, work, and play.
SPRA Alert
FUDS Disposal Area in South Patrick Shores

Fact sheets and project documents are available on the project website (, and you can reach us by calling 800.710.5184 or emailing

South Patrick Shores Road Paving

In anticipation of paving in the SPRA area, the Brevard County Public Works Department will be setting up message boards. They will be paving the following roads by the end of April 2022, weather permitting:
  • Julis Place
  • Churchill Avenue
  • Clairbourne Avenue
  • Brixton Lane
  • Dorset Lane
  • Hedgegrove Avenue
  • Eden Avenue
Currently, the county is replacing some gutter and will be uplifting the trees after that. Uplifting is a type of tree pruning in which the crown of the tree, the branches and foliage, is reduced in size from the underside. Limbs and branches that are too low can cause problems for people and the health of the tree itself. Upon completion of this area, the County will be looking for the next "grid" of roads to complete in the SPRA area.
Grand Canal Dredging Update

The County is currently dredging again in the north end of the Grand Canal, as part of the Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan (SOIRL) as of March 18, 2022. It is important that residents and other boaters are aware as there will be times during which they will not have easy ingress/egress through the dredge work area. As the project progresses this spring, and as the County receives updates from Gator Dredging on the schedule and timing of work in specific areas, the County will relay that information to SPRA. The County appreciates residents’ support of the project, restoration efforts for the Indian River Lagoon, and their patience/understanding of the challenges associated with the Grand Canal Muck Removal Project. If you have any questions, please contact the Natural Resources Management Department at: (321) 633-2016 or via email at
Florida Legislative Session 2022

The 2022 Legislative Budget Recap
The Fiscal Year 2022-2023 budget totals $112.1 billion, with $8.9 billion in reserves. The budget accounts for an additional $1 billion for Inflation Fund, which is reserved for budget amendments to counter increased inflationary costs. The budget includes funding for a 5.4% raise and a $15/hour minimum wage for state employees, raises for first responders, increases for foster family child care subsidy, an increase in per-pupil school funding, increases for critical infrastructure, additional tax holidays, and Florida's natural resources.

SB 1940/HB 7053 Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience
Establishes the Statewide Office of Resilience within the Executive Office of the Governor. The bill provides that the office must be headed by a Chief Resilience Officer, who is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Governor. The bill requires the Department of Transportation (DOT) to develop a resilience action plan for the State Highway System. The bill requires the Florida Flood Hub for Applied Research and Innovation to provide certain data to counties and municipalities for vulnerability assessments.

$12,000,000 for South Beaches WWTF Conversion to Advanced Wastewater Treatment
This project will provide Brevard County funding to convert the aging 6.0 MGD wastewater treatment plant at the South Beaches WWTF to Advanced Wastewater Treatment, which will reduce the loadings within the Indian River lagoon BMAP area.

$14,000,000 for Riverside Drive Force Main Improvements
This project will provide Brevard County funding to install a 2nd force main collection system on the barrier island (Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour Beach and Melbourne Beach) with storage tanks for raw sewage to increase resiliency/prevent overflows during storm events.

$921,500 for Florida Tech - Restore Lagoon Inflow Research
This project will provide Florida Institute of Technology funding to continue work on improving water quality in the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) with the 3rd phase of a study investigating nitrogen reduction and increased dissolved oxygen through increased ocean inflow. The 3rd phase will support comparative research including the University of West Florida, monitoring, and 100% completed design of a temporary test inflow system.

$12,000,000 for Cocoa Beach Muck Dredging and Capping
This project will provide the City of Cocoa Beach funding to remove and seal accumulations of muck from the Banana River between State Road 520 and the Pineda Causeway via environmental dredging and capping.
Redistricting Response From SPRA:
Preserving Our Unique Beachside Community

The South Patrick Residents Association (SPRA) Board unanimously supports not splitting up our three small beachside communities, Indian Harbour Beach, Satellite Beach, and South Patrick Shores, which are all sandwiched between the Pineda and the Eau Gallie Causeway. This decision involves an overall concern for the welfare of our South Patrick Shores community as a whole, where SPRA diligently confers with the HOAs and others in our community to achieve this end.

Over the years, SPRA has successfully worked on projects within this very unique geographic area, sometimes in concert with the cities of Indian Harbour Beach and Satellite Beach. (FEMA/drainage, Scorpian Ct., SR 513 reconstruction). Residents support keeping our local community intact, as even when we disagree with some decision-making on the part of these cities, we also share many aspects in common.

If the South Patrick Shores area, alone, became part of a separate district, it would have the consequence of alienating the three communities on the barrier island and effectively setting South Patrick Shores adrift, with the expanse of PSFB between us and Cocoa Beach. This benefits no one, and such separation slices and dices our geographic area, which would be injurious to our small, unincorporated community. That is a key point.

In addition, a new correspondence advocates keeping the entirety of Tortoise Island, including those homes within the City of Satellite Beach (20% of the Tortoise Island homes) and those homes within South Patrick Shores (80% of the Tortoise Island homes) within D4, while redistricting all the rest of South Patrick Shores into D2. This would deleteriously impact our community by literally cutting off part of South Patrick Shores and segmenting us into two different commission districts.

The proposal would further slice and dice our area, virtually cutting off the west side of South Patrick Shores on the west side of the Grand Canal, which actually connects our unique community. No sound basis according to state or local redistricting criteria can be found to support this proposal.

It was also stated that emails from the South Patrick Shores area have been expressing the desire for redistricting into D2, rather than remain in D4. We are concerned, as we have not seen facts that support this, and our communication with local HOAs and individuals also does not support it. As a reminder to us all, it is critical that emails can be determined to be from residents who live or own property in our South Patrick Shores area, rather than from the far reaches of facebook postings.

Finally, SPRA has never supported the annexation of South Patrick Shores, but redistricting to a different County Commission district would not impact a movement for annexation. Unless the state legislature or the county commission became involved, a vote would have to be taken with at least 50% of the registered voters' approval to annex. That effectively means that our residents would have the power to approve or deny annexation.

We value our community as a whole. Please support us in doing just that.

Ayn Samuelson, SPRA president
Conserving Hightower Beach Park – Our Oceanfront Legacy
Grant Award Agreements between FDEP, the City of Satellite Beach, and Brevard County for the Hightower Beach Park 18.5 acre site, set “restricted use” precedents. Obligations and responsibilities for activities and improvements on the oceanfront Park must be in accordance with use “restricted to public open space, limited recreation, and conservation use in perpetuity”. The following document was sent to the County Commissioners, County Manager, County Attorney, other relevant County staff, Florida Legislators, FDEP, FWC, and SJRWMD.

It is critical to hold all parties, Brevard County, the City of Satellite Beach, and FDEP, accountable for their ongoing contractual obligations, and to ensure that the highest and best public interest is achieved with regard to Hightower Beach Park.

You are partners, who have obligated yourselves to purposeful, conservation efforts at Hightower, as well as to specified uses. These intended uses set the precedent for conservation and passive, public recreational uses enumerated in the two (2) page attachment citing these various contractual agreements by and between the three parties. They are the guiding documents that all signatories are obligated to follow in order to expedite the intended uses and to best serve the public interest and trust.

It is also important to view and understand that the totality of the oceanside beach park we know as Hightower Beach Park is crafted from several parcels, all of which adjoin each other with the expressed purpose of creating a unique, oceanfront park. This was intended to create a gestalt, where the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parcels. Thus, if development impinges on any portion of the Park, it impacts these contiguous properties as well.

Clearly, intended uses do not include an aerial walkway over SR A1A, with an estimated 440 square foot foundation on the east side of SR A1A and east of the sidewalk at Hightower. This would negatively impact Hightower Beach Park, in order to meet the developer’s demands and desires, as well as benefit the developer, not Hightower Beach Park conservation efforts, nor the public. It has been suggested that such a structure would provide safety for the general public, but instead, it would provide a walkway specifically designed for hotel customers. SR A1A already has a reduced speed limit at 35 MPH, as well as superior crosswalks in place for safety. Constructing this looming, aerial structure and foundation footprint would work in direct opposition to the intent of the existing contractural agreements and the public trust.

In addition to the legitimate concerns expressed above, impacts from lighting on nesting turtles (FWC oversight) and amplified, stormwater impacts (SJRWMD oversight) can negatively impact the park area, if this concrete behemoth is constructed on the east side of SR A1A.

The Park is for the use of all Florida residents and tourists alike, where no discrimination should be made with regard to use, access, or fees, irrespective of jurisdictional boundaries.

Now, our residents look forward, with promise, for all parties to assume their appropriate responsibilities to follow, enforce, and preserve the expressed intent of these agreements and the pledges made, in order not to diminish the value of Hightower Beach Park and to provide a natural legacy for the future.

Ayn Marie Samuelson MS, MPA, president SPRA
A 501 (c)(4) Supporting Community & Accountability