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South Patrick Residents Association (SPRA) is a 501 (c) (4) nonprofit that represents residents in South Patrick Shores. SPRA was first incorporated in 1965 and has been actively involved in community service for over 50 years.
SPRA serves households located within County Commission District 4 in unincorporated Brevard County and works closely with county elected officials, state elected officials, and government agencies, in order to further the best interests of our community. Our all-volunteer association continues to be a powerful and influential voice representing our area’s interests in local government affairs, as well as helping to make needed improvements in our community. We also communicate directly with the homeowner associations located within South Patrick Shores to ensure that there is a solid working relationship and a united voice on issues that impact the entire area.
In addition, a strong membership helps support our united effort to enhance the SPRA area and to further assure that our voices are heard and that we maintain a quality location in which to live, work, and play.
The election of SPRA Board members will be held at the Annual Meeting on February 13, 2023. The Nominating Committee presented the following list of SPRA Board candidates who have agreed to serve as follows:

  • President: Ayn Samuelson
  • Vice President: Rick Mariani
  • Secretary: Pat Dooley, will serve as Interim Secretary for the Annual Meeting.
    • Interested Candidates will be provided with an application and a job description.
  • Treasurer: Lanny Weeks
  • Area One: Eric Wenseritt
  • Area Two: Margaret Steciuk
  • Area Three: Rick Mariani
  • Area Four: Marilynn Collins & Kreatha Haston (Co-Directors)
  • Area Five: Patty Dunham
  • Area Six: Marilynn Collins, Interim Area Six Director
    • Marilynn stated that she will serve in the interim period until an Area 6 Director is chosen. Interested Candidates will be provided with an application and a job description.
FUDS Disposal Area in South Patrick Shores

February 16, 2023 - 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Pelican Beach Club House (1495 A1A, Satellite Beach)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is preparing to begin the first phase of the Remedial Investigation fieldwork. USACE requested and received the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s concurrence with starting the geophysical investigation (ground penetrating radar) while regulatory review of the Uniform Federal Policy – Quality Assurance Project Plan or “work plan” continues. USACE will publish an abbreviated work plan and host a drop-in community meeting prior to the start of fieldwork. Property owners who have signed a right-of-entry can expect to receive a door hanger notification at least 2 days prior to crews arriving.

We will be available to discuss the Off-Base Disposal Area Remedial Investigation between 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm on Thursday, February 16, 2023, at the Pelican Beach Club House (1495 A1A, Satellite Beach). Feel free to drop in at your convenience.

While the deadline to receive signed rights-of-entry has passed, we encourage all property owners who received and have not yet signed the form to do so as soon as possible. If someone signs the form after we start fieldwork, we cannot guarantee that property will be investigated.

For more information, visit the project website (, email, or call 800.710.5184.

Formerly Used Defense Sites Program
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District

The SPRA Shore News Holiday Edition 2022-2023, is now available online and in your mailbox!

SPRA brings you Santa’s Fire Engine Ride and shares the annual Boat Parade along the Grand Canal!
Community Project for Earth Day 2023

Tree Planting at South Patrick Community Park across from
Sea Park Elementary & ending with an Earth Day Celebration

April 8th, 2023 - All Day Work Day
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

If possible bring shovels, gloves & water • Volunteer hours for students!

April 23, 2023 - Earth Day Volunteer Celebration
For Volunteers and/or Donors
Join us starting at 10:00 AM !

• BOUNCE HOUSE for the children • Water/Lemonade • Tree Viewing •
• Special Guests • Picture Taking • Bring chairs

We cannot make this happen without volunteers & donations!

Donations welcomed! • via PayPal

or send checks to SPRA, PO BOX 372357, Satellite Beach, FL 32937.
Put TREES or EARTH DAY in the memo line!

With questions and to RSVP for volunteering:
Chris Davis •

Thank you so much and see you there!
Conserving Hightower Beach Park – Our Oceanfront Legacy
Grant Award Agreements between FDEP, the City of Satellite Beach, and Brevard County for the Hightower Beach Park 18.5 acre site, set “restricted use” precedents. Obligations and responsibilities for activities and improvements on the oceanfront Park must be in accordance with use “restricted to public open space, limited recreation, and conservation use in perpetuity”. The following document was sent to the County Commissioners, County Manager, County Attorney, other relevant County staff, Florida Legislators, FDEP, FWC, and SJRWMD.

It is critical to hold all parties, Brevard County, the City of Satellite Beach, and FDEP, accountable for their ongoing contractual obligations, and to ensure that the highest and best public interest is achieved with regard to Hightower Beach Park.

You are partners, who have obligated yourselves to purposeful, conservation efforts at Hightower, as well as to specified uses. These intended uses set the precedent for conservation and passive, public recreational uses enumerated in the two (2) page attachment citing these various contractual agreements by and between the three parties. They are the guiding documents that all signatories are obligated to follow in order to expedite the intended uses and to best serve the public interest and trust.

It is also important to view and understand that the totality of the oceanside beach park we know as Hightower Beach Park is crafted from several parcels, all of which adjoin each other with the expressed purpose of creating a unique, oceanfront park. This was intended to create a gestalt, where the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parcels. Thus, if development impinges on any portion of the Park, it impacts these contiguous properties as well.

Clearly, intended uses do not include an aerial walkway over SR A1A, with an estimated 440 square foot foundation on the east side of SR A1A and east of the sidewalk at Hightower. This would negatively impact Hightower Beach Park, in order to meet the developer’s demands and desires, as well as benefit the developer, not Hightower Beach Park conservation efforts, nor the public. It has been suggested that such a structure would provide safety for the general public, but instead, it would provide a walkway specifically designed for hotel customers. SR A1A already has a reduced speed limit at 35 MPH, as well as superior crosswalks in place for safety. Constructing this looming, aerial structure and foundation footprint would work in direct opposition to the intent of the existing contractural agreements and the public trust.

In addition to the legitimate concerns expressed above, impacts from lighting on nesting turtles (FWC oversight) and amplified, stormwater impacts (SJRWMD oversight) can negatively impact the park area, if this concrete behemoth is constructed on the east side of SR A1A.

The Park is for the use of all Florida residents and tourists alike, where no discrimination should be made with regard to use, access, or fees, irrespective of jurisdictional boundaries.

Now, our residents look forward, with promise, for all parties to assume their appropriate responsibilities to follow, enforce, and preserve the expressed intent of these agreements and the pledges made, in order not to diminish the value of Hightower Beach Park and to provide a natural legacy for the future.

Ayn Marie Samuelson MS, MPA, president SPRA
A 501 (c)(4) Supporting Community & Accountability