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SPRA Shore News
SPRA brings you the Shore News, our informational publication that informs the community of what is happening in the county and the state that can impact our area, as well as information about upcoming local projects. SPRA facilitates a community of supportive, engaged, and informed neighbors, and we encourage residents to become involved in the decision-making process.
SPRA consists of about 3000 households in unincorporated Brevard County, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Banana River, and from the Pineda Causeway, south to the northern boundary of the City of Satellite Beach. The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is our local governing body, who makes legislative decisions, policy decisions, and budget decisions for our area. It is important for South Patrick Shores to have a real voice in these governmental processes. The BOCC, along with other county and state officials, receive a copy of our Shore News.
All SPRA residences should be receiving a copy of the Shore News, as delivered by the USPS. If you have not been receiving your copy, please notify your area director listed under “SPRA Officers and Directors”.
A link is provided to access Shore News publications from 2015 to current publication dates.
Shore News Publications: