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South Patrick Residents Association (SPRA) is a 501 (c) (4) nonprofit that represents residents in South Patrick Shores. SPRA was first incorporated in 1965 and has been actively involved in community service for over 50 years.
SPRA serves households located within County Commission District 4 in unincorporated Brevard County and works closely with county elected officials, state elected officials, and government agencies, in order to further the best interests of our community. Our all-volunteer association continues to be a powerful and influential voice representing our area’s interests in local government affairs, as well as helping to make needed improvements in our community. We also communicate directly with the homeowner associations located within South Patrick Shores to ensure that there is a solid working relationship and a united voice on issues that impact the entire area.
In addition, a strong membership helps support our united effort to enhance the SPRA area and to further assure that our voices are heard and that we maintain a quality location in which to live, work, and play.
Current Issues
SPRA election of officers and area directors will be held on February 10, 2020 at the SPRA annual meeting. The slate is as follows, although members can nominate qualified member-candidates from the floor, and candidates can provide information about themselves at that time.
PresidentAyn Marie Samuelson
Vice PresidentRick Mariani
Recording SecretaryPat Dooley
TreasurerMagi Kyle
Area 1 DirectorOpen
Area 2 DirectorKreatha Haston
Area 3 DirectorRick Mariani
Area 4 DirectorMarilynn Collins
Kreatha Haston
Area 5 DirectorKelli Petrone
Area 6 DirectorDonna Morris